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Best Methods For Collecting Personal Training Payments

You can accept payments from your clients online or in person and use Square to manage this. As a mobile personal trainer, your business has endless opportunities for growth and change.

Best Methods For Collecting Personal Training Payments

The gym might not handle any client booking for you and simply takes a percentage to strictly cover the use of the gym. Part-time employees may even be eligible for health insurance at a higher co-payment. No matter how you get paid, a consistent payment plan and schedule should be put into place. Otherwise, income can become inconsistent, which brings forth a lot of annoying and troubling problems.


Sometimes, when the gym takes a percentage, the gym may take over some or even all of the booking. So, in addition to providing space to the personal trainer, they may act as a booking agent. You may not maintain as much desirable control over your income. That means you must establish a payment arrangement of some sorts with your clients. Low hourly rates can lead to higher levels of turnover at a big-box gym.

Keep your customers coming back with a digital reward program. Manage Square Loyalty from your point of sale, let customers sign up at checkout, and track results in your Dashboard. Magstripe, chip card, or NFC —accept them all with our readers. You can also get paid remotely by keying in payments, even without a signal. Increase your sales and customer list with customizable, affordable cards that are synced to your account. Manage Square Loyalty from your point of sale, let customers sign up at checkout, and track results on your Dashboard.

Braintree By PayPal

If they want to know more about your programming methods, share a few of your guiding principles. Keep prodding until you understand what the client wants to achieve and why. To make sure you heard right, paraphrase back to the client their reasons for wanting to train. This assures the client that you’re paying attention and trying to understand their needs.

Best Methods For Collecting Personal Training Payments

That is why it is important to see how much the platform is charging. Not all platforms, but the big platforms such as Stripe and Venmo charge a fee of 2.9% of the transaction and $0.30. That is a good amount of money, you should also consult with the platform when they collect the fees as well. You want Best Methods For Collecting Personal Training Payments to make sure there is enough money to make your business profitable. Merchants such as Poshmark, Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as, utilize Venmo to better serve their customers. Venmo offers new business users zero transaction fees for the first month at the time of writing this article.

Stop Spending Time Collecting Payments From Clients

Because Payleadr understands your industry, we’ve created all the online solutions you need. We offer a suite of services and custom features that support direct debit for gyms. Our efficient solutions are designed to seamlessly process gym payments anywhere in Australia. For the most flexible way to bill your customers online, choose our simple online portal. We build our hardware from the ground up to work seamlessly with our payment processing and point-of-sale software. That means you get a complete solution that lets you ring up sales, accept payments, and manage your entire business.

  • Mevolife client profile software takes care of end-to-end client management in a snap – from a full list of clients to the detailed profile and progress.
  • You want to make sure there is enough money to make your business profitable.
  • Each PayPal user has a virtual wallet, and funds are deducted and transmitted to your business wallet.
  • Many trainers just try to confuse you with needlessly complex movements, and put all their clients through roughly the same cookie-cutter plan.
  • The fee could be $25 for a three-hour block on a particular day.

Charging $85 per hour when more experienced trainers are offering $50 for a sixty-minute session might lead to asking a lot but getting next to nothing regarding interested clients. There are positives and drawbacks to working as a salaried employee at a big-box gym. The hourly rates for personal training are commonly lower than would be the case if you set your own rates. Some trainers might charge $11 to $20 per hour for training sessions, which pales in comparison to the $60 someone may charge when working as an independent operator. If you ever checked out advertisements for personal trainer jobs at big-box gyms, you see opportunities to work as a salaried employee.

Accepting Payments From Personal Training Clients

We list three of the most popular ones in the international space. After you narrow down a target market and niche, you can focus on creating a brand that will resonate with people.

How much do celebrities pay for personal trainers?

Celebrity personal trainers charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per session, according to 2011 data from the Los Angeles Personal Trainer website and 2009 information from Jim O'Connor of Wellness Word.

Make it a practice to go over these rules with your customers at the time they sign up and ask them if they have questions. Some customers might need you to lead them into a longer commitment over time and it’s important to factor this in when forecasting cashflow. Whether you operate offline only, want to run and sell services online, or both, this software does the job like none other. Retarget the clients with abandoned purchases and incomplete or non-renewed plans. Reach out to clients seeking fitness without a massive marketing effort & expenditure. Get your online presence noticed and your fitness services digitally available.

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